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Justin and I met at Arlington High School in 9th grade. We had a few classes together but never really took too much interest in each other until sophomore year in Mr. Collins class. That’s when it all began. Justin sat behind me and bothered me to no end. He would kick and shake my chair and make cow noises at me then call me moochelle. I guess that was his way of flirting. Don’t ask me how it worked but it did. Justin and I dated all through high school and continued after we graduated. We got married after 8 LONG years on July 26th 2008.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Our dream has come true!

As most of you know we have had some problems in the past in the "baby making department." I had an appointment with my Doctor on sept 24th and he found that my white blood cells were really high. He went to do a sono and found that I had a pollop inside my uterus that was pushing on my cervix. He told me he would have to do day surgery to remove the pollop and that my white blood cells count should go down.( the white blood cells were neutralizing the sperm) We had the the surgery on Oct 11th. everything went great just a few days of my belly hurting but that was it. I started taking my clomid on oct 13th as normal. I had a follow up appointment with my doctor on november 1st. I told him that the clomid this month had some major side effects ( nausua and hot flashes) he said " Maybe your pregnant." I said I could not be that lucky so soon Dr Daum. The next week came and no period... I thought I will give it another day it is my nerves.. still no period.. I took a test and it said "PREGNANT" I almost died right there in the bathroom! I showed justin the test and his first words were "does it say how many?" (clomid increases the chance of multiples) We laughed. We were so very excited we could not quit smiling. We had our first OBGYN appointment 11/22/2010. he told us that we might not see anything but a sac but we were okay with that since it was still pretty early. (5 weeks and 5 days.) Since I have been through so much to get this pregnancy my doctor is very sweet to me. He told me to come back in a week and he would do another sono for free so we could see the baby!! Our next appointment is 12/3/2010 I will be 7 weeks and 1 day! we cant wait to see the difference in our sweet little Witte! our due date is July 20 2011!!!