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Justin and I met at Arlington High School in 9th grade. We had a few classes together but never really took too much interest in each other until sophomore year in Mr. Collins class. That’s when it all began. Justin sat behind me and bothered me to no end. He would kick and shake my chair and make cow noises at me then call me moochelle. I guess that was his way of flirting. Don’t ask me how it worked but it did. Justin and I dated all through high school and continued after we graduated. We got married after 8 LONG years on July 26th 2008.

Friday, July 15, 2011

39 Weeks... Getting VERY close...

I went to my 39 Week appointment and was hoping for the very best. (him to send me to the hospital) Since we had an abnormal quad screen earlier in the pregnacy at 39 weeks they do a test to check the babys heartbeat. They put gel on your belly and hook you up to a machine that records when they baby moves and how high or low the heart beat is. Brooklyns heartbeat was fine but her movements concerned them. She would only move a few times and would hardly ever get a high heartrate( which you are suppose to have when you move. ) Dr Daum had me come back two days later and to do it again just to watch her. We did the test and it was the same as last time. She moved.. just not as much as they want her to. He also did a sono to look at her and make sure she had plenty of fluid. everything looked fine but he told us that he wanted to watch her until she was born just to be on the safe side. He told me to go home and do two kick test. That is where you eat and then 30 min later you lay down and count how many times she moves for one hour. ( should be at least 10) My first one was 13 and my second one was 10. He said that was fine ( in the normal range) but he still wanted to watch her till she arrived. We go sunday morning after breakfast to labor and delivery for them to do the same test and again tue and thurs in his office. My nurse told me that I would have a baby girl thurs or fri!! we can not wait to meet her and this week really needs to go by VERY fast!... Till then we play the waiting game and get to hear her little heartbeat very often!

Friday, July 8, 2011

38 Weeks....

Today was my 38 week check up. He did a sono this time to see how big she was. last visit he thought she was little.. so we did the sono and turns out she is still short and still little. lol She weighs 6 lbs 7 oz. as of today that is. no telling what she will weigh when she is really born he guesses around 7 lbs. Today he checked me and I am dilated to a 1.5!!!! I was so happy! I thought for sure he was going to tell me that I was still closed. I told him that if I was closed to lie to me and tell me I had dilated. LOL he just laughed and said okay. so of course after he told me that I was dilated to a 1.5 i had to ask if it was true.. he thought that was funny to. We can not wait for her arrival. I went and had a very needed prenatal massage today ( which was great) had a few contractions during the massage but nothing major. he said you never know how fast your body dilates it could take 3 weeks it could take 3 days.. it is now that waiting game...

Saturday, July 2, 2011

37 Weeks..

We are now down the nitty gritty... I go every week to check and see how miss Brooklyn is coming along.. Dr Daum said that I have dropped majorly. my stomach is only measuring at a 33 and it is suppose to measure at a 37. so I know she is down and ready! Before he did the exam to check to see if I was dilated he asked if I thought she was coming this week?! my heart stopped and I said I hope so! he checked and..... nothing has happened.. still a closed cervix. Next week I go for a sono he said he wants to weigh the baby he thinks she might be a little thing! I 'll let you know next week.. stay tuned!