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Justin and I met at Arlington High School in 9th grade. We had a few classes together but never really took too much interest in each other until sophomore year in Mr. Collins class. That’s when it all began. Justin sat behind me and bothered me to no end. He would kick and shake my chair and make cow noises at me then call me moochelle. I guess that was his way of flirting. Don’t ask me how it worked but it did. Justin and I dated all through high school and continued after we graduated. We got married after 8 LONG years on July 26th 2008.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

wow.. already a year..

Justin and I spent our one year anniversary at the Gaylord Texan. The place is amazing with all the scenery. We spent the day we got there walking around trying to figure out where everything was. We went during summerfest so there was always something going on.If you have never been there before I would suggest you visit. We had an amazing time.

Just Hanging out
The Glass Catus! They had a awesome band called M80's
they played 80 music and dressed the part! They really made it a fun night.

Justin was amazed with the lighting...

Remember the Alamo!