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Justin and I met at Arlington High School in 9th grade. We had a few classes together but never really took too much interest in each other until sophomore year in Mr. Collins class. That’s when it all began. Justin sat behind me and bothered me to no end. He would kick and shake my chair and make cow noises at me then call me moochelle. I guess that was his way of flirting. Don’t ask me how it worked but it did. Justin and I dated all through high school and continued after we graduated. We got married after 8 LONG years on July 26th 2008.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

9 weeks and counting!

Today I went to see Dr Daum for a follow up since Saturday. He did a sono and I got to see the baby (he/she) has grown so much in a week it is crazy!! I could not believe what I was seeing. Dr Daum said my placenta and my cervical cord were real close to each other and every time they bumped it would cause my placenta to bleed a little. He said this is normal and not to worry! He kept me bed rest till Monday when I return to my favorite place of business. (NOT) He said I will probably bleed for 3 to 4 weeks and as long as it is not pouring I should not be concerned. of course the less blood the better off we are. When we were doing the sono Dr Daum was showing me where the baby was and we saw the babies hand move. It was awesome to see. Considering we have never made it this far I could not believe (he/she) was moving already!! :) We did not get a picture of babies hand moving but I got a good one the baby facing us showing his/her arms and legs. I will post it for you to see. I go back December 30 for another sono ( I have one from 5 weeks to 9 weeks) hopefully everything will look as good as it did today and we can return to our normal lifestyle. We just keep telling ourselves Baby Witte is well worth it! enjoy the sono pic!

The baby is facing toward us so you can see the face, hands ( look crossed) body and feet

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Baby Witte Update

well well well... this pregnancy has been a crazy emotional one so far.. and I am only 8 weeks along. We had my family over for thanksgiving this year and it was quite an adventure. I started spotting a light pink when I would wipe. We called the doctor( that was on call) and he said to put my feet up and drink LOTS of water and to call my doctor on Monday. Everything turned out fine it was probably brought on by stress and doing too much for thanksgiving. On 12/3/2010 We went to Dr. Daum and got to see the baby and the heartbeat. The heartbeat was 130 and everything looked perfect! That weekend I came down with what I thought was a cold that was really the flu which caused me to miss work all last week. Saturday morning I woke up to find when I would pee my toilet water was RED not pink but RED. I freaked out as I did thanksgiving considering this was not pink. I called the (on call dr) and he said it might be a urinary track infection. so he called me in some antibiotics told me it would not hurt anything or help anything if it was a miscarriage. The blood stopped for quite a while and I thought that I had made it past it! Just as I got up to walk I could feel the blood again. this time it was red and lots of it. Told Justin to take me to the hospital. We were SO worried that we were gong to experience yet another tragic moment! We got to the ER and the lady in triage calmed me down told me this happens everything is going to be fine. The doctor did a pelvic exam and said yes there is blood and it is not coming from your blatter. They took me in for a sono and we got to see the baby but the sono tech was "not allowed" to tell us anything about the pictures. we had to wait for the dr to read it. Thankfully everything looked great with the sono. Baby Witte was still attached and heartbeat was 167!! The doctor sounded very positive that this was not a miscarriage but they can never promise anything. They took some blood and checked my blood type which is O-. When you are O- you have to have a shot called RhoGam to protect the baby from my blood mixing with theirs. since Justin is not a - blood type I will have this shot at 28 weeks and after delivery. ( Thank you mom) After all my blood test came back and they gave me my shot they told me that I have two subchorionic hemorrhages and that was causing the bleeding ( they could tell from the sono) What that means is gathering of blood between the membranes of my placenta and uterus. They said to take it easy and bed rest till Monday when I talk to dr daum. The ER doctor said they see this a lot and the chances of it causing a miscarriage is 1 to 3%. We are every thank full it was nothing more. I told Justin Saturday morning.... yeah remember when I said I wanted 4 kids.... maybe only 1. :) we are praying everything goes good the rest of the pregnancy and for a healthy baby witte! I will let everyone know what the doctor says on Monday!! Please keep us in your prayers.