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Justin and I met at Arlington High School in 9th grade. We had a few classes together but never really took too much interest in each other until sophomore year in Mr. Collins class. That’s when it all began. Justin sat behind me and bothered me to no end. He would kick and shake my chair and make cow noises at me then call me moochelle. I guess that was his way of flirting. Don’t ask me how it worked but it did. Justin and I dated all through high school and continued after we graduated. We got married after 8 LONG years on July 26th 2008.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Noon Friday July 22 2011.. almost arrival time!

Tonya sat me up and I told her that my toes were starting to tingle like my epidural was wearing off. she said your fine as long as u can not feel your waist your good. I thought okay.. this baby better come before I can feel this... after about 30 mins she had me start pushing. justin had one leg and miss dot had the other. They would make me push for ten seconds then stop till the next contraction. I did this for a good thirty minutes and at this point I could move my feet, legs, and waist. so.. lets just say.. I was NOT numb. The way that they had me laying and justin and dot holding my legs was awkward Justin had my foot so that I could push back on him and dot had my knee... really.. my knee. It made it kinda hard to push when I had nothing on one side to push against. Tonya kept saying put your hand down there and feel her head! I responded with.. I do not want to feel her head.. get her out! I heard your almost there so many times I finally asked if they could see her head and if we were waisting time waiting on Dr. Daum. She said no I still had to push her out further before they even called him. I wanted to give up and tell him to take her c section by this time. about ten mins later Dr Daum walked through the door. boy was I relieved. he looked and said yeah.. just a few more pushes and we will be ready. he sat down did some paperwork then suited up. I pushed three or four times and she was here!!

Brooklyn Renne Witte 7 lbs 9 ozs 19 5/8 inches long

Born at 1:09 P.M Friday July 22nd 2011

Our First Family Picture!

7 am Friday 7/22/2011 still Labor and Delivery

They gave me a ambien to sleep so that I would be rested for when it was time to push! well lets just say justin and I were up all night long because that little miracle pill did not cut it! I was in so much pain but I wanted to wait till 7 am to get my epidural when the nurses changed back. 6 30 rolls around and I cant take it anymore.. I got my epidural around 7 and the Dr had a little bit of a hard time putting it in. He said he could not get it between my bones.. at this point I did not care stick me however many times where ever u want just make the pain stop! once the drugs hit I was out like a light! I slept through almost all the bad contractions and woke up feeling a little bit of them. I asked if I could hit my epidural button b/c I could feel my contractions again. tonya checked me and I was a 8 this was probably around 11:30!! I was still numb and thought oh yeah! this is gonna be a breeze... boy was I wrong!!

4 PM Thursday 7/21/11 in Labor and Delivery

We check in to the labor and Delivery and get everything set up when the nurse walked in and told me to get undressed and to put on the gown. There was two of them one in normal scrubs and the other in a purple TCU student scrubs! My nurse was named tonya and the student nurse was named Dot. Tonya started getting everything out for my IV and told me that they were going to start it. she then looked over at dot and said... you wanna try this one??? I wanted to DIE!! I told them I hated needles and if she did not know what she was doing do not even try! Dot said she was fine that she could do it. she looked at my hands forever trying to find a vein. I finally said you are starting to worry me the way u keep looking at my hands. she says.. oh no I am just trying to find the best one. I had justin come hold my hand like a little girl and squeezed it so hard it turned purple! the stupid DOT that said she knew what she was doing apparently did not! She hit my bone with the needle.. not my vein my bone!! I thought this is going to be real fun!! they took out the attempted try and Tonya did the other hand. It went right in and did not hurt at all. as time passed and pills were inserted they check you to see how far u have dilated. tonya checked and said I was at a 2 and then dot decided she needed to check.. well lets just say I made a comment and said.. YOUR checking me too??? Why! and tonya said she just has to. that was the last time she touched me.... well until delivery.. but that story is later!

40 week appointment!!!!

I went thursday July 21st to my normal Drs appointment hoping to be induced since Iwas now "past my due date" He listened to her heart beat and did the normal routine but he said that he wanted to do a sono to see if there was much fluid left. you could basically see Brooklyns outline in my belly. He said he thought it was time we get her out adn not having enough fluid would be a easy way into labor & Delivery. I was a little nervous because I just wanted her to be perfect. I did not want to have to go to L&D due to any problems. The sono tech did her sono and said I had very little fluid left I had one big pocket but that was it. Dr Daum called L&D and told them I needed to go in and be induced. I was scheduled to arrive at 4 pm thursday and they would start the inducing. He told me that they would insert a pill behind my cervix to make it start to thin then after it was dilated they would start the meds that really "kicked it in high gear". adnI should have a baby girl by friday around noon or so....... untill then I just go home and get ready!!

Friday, July 15, 2011

39 Weeks... Getting VERY close...

I went to my 39 Week appointment and was hoping for the very best. (him to send me to the hospital) Since we had an abnormal quad screen earlier in the pregnacy at 39 weeks they do a test to check the babys heartbeat. They put gel on your belly and hook you up to a machine that records when they baby moves and how high or low the heart beat is. Brooklyns heartbeat was fine but her movements concerned them. She would only move a few times and would hardly ever get a high heartrate( which you are suppose to have when you move. ) Dr Daum had me come back two days later and to do it again just to watch her. We did the test and it was the same as last time. She moved.. just not as much as they want her to. He also did a sono to look at her and make sure she had plenty of fluid. everything looked fine but he told us that he wanted to watch her until she was born just to be on the safe side. He told me to go home and do two kick test. That is where you eat and then 30 min later you lay down and count how many times she moves for one hour. ( should be at least 10) My first one was 13 and my second one was 10. He said that was fine ( in the normal range) but he still wanted to watch her till she arrived. We go sunday morning after breakfast to labor and delivery for them to do the same test and again tue and thurs in his office. My nurse told me that I would have a baby girl thurs or fri!! we can not wait to meet her and this week really needs to go by VERY fast!... Till then we play the waiting game and get to hear her little heartbeat very often!

Friday, July 8, 2011

38 Weeks....

Today was my 38 week check up. He did a sono this time to see how big she was. last visit he thought she was little.. so we did the sono and turns out she is still short and still little. lol She weighs 6 lbs 7 oz. as of today that is. no telling what she will weigh when she is really born he guesses around 7 lbs. Today he checked me and I am dilated to a 1.5!!!! I was so happy! I thought for sure he was going to tell me that I was still closed. I told him that if I was closed to lie to me and tell me I had dilated. LOL he just laughed and said okay. so of course after he told me that I was dilated to a 1.5 i had to ask if it was true.. he thought that was funny to. We can not wait for her arrival. I went and had a very needed prenatal massage today ( which was great) had a few contractions during the massage but nothing major. he said you never know how fast your body dilates it could take 3 weeks it could take 3 days.. it is now that waiting game...

Saturday, July 2, 2011

37 Weeks..

We are now down the nitty gritty... I go every week to check and see how miss Brooklyn is coming along.. Dr Daum said that I have dropped majorly. my stomach is only measuring at a 33 and it is suppose to measure at a 37. so I know she is down and ready! Before he did the exam to check to see if I was dilated he asked if I thought she was coming this week?! my heart stopped and I said I hope so! he checked and..... nothing has happened.. still a closed cervix. Next week I go for a sono he said he wants to weigh the baby he thinks she might be a little thing! I 'll let you know next week.. stay tuned!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Is she still Breech?!?

Is miss Brooklyn still breech?! Well we went to our 36 week appointment and the sono room was in use. so we sat in the regular exam room until the sono room was free. Dr Daum said he would feel with his intelligent hands to see if she was breech or not, take tummy measurements and listen to her heartbeat. Well he felt around on my belly for a while and said yeah she is still breech! lets go to the sono room and just make sure. We got into the room and he put the thing on my belly and guess what we saw.... A HEAD that was down!!!!!! He said his hands must not have been very intelligent that day. He said the reason he thought she was still breech was because she has dropped so low that he was feeling her shoulder bones and not her head. I told him that I had been having cramps like period cramps pretty bad the day before. he told me that since she was so low already and I have had contractions that she would probably come early. that was exciting news but scary as well. I asked him how he thought the labor would go he said I SHOULD have a easy labor. he said I have lots of room in my pelvic bone area and she should just come right on out! That made me feel better still scared but not as much. He took all the measurements on the sono machine and said that everything was normal but she had tiny little leg bones... Justin laughed and pulled his legs up and said... look at these little legs doc. Dr Daum laughed and said.. lets try to stretch out the bone on the machine to see if we can get a longer pic. he stretched it out and the baby went from weighing 5.5 pounds w/little legs to 6 pounds! HA HA. so yes she is going to be a short little thing but we still love every little piece of her! cant wait to meet her in just a few SHORT weeks. I better wash some clothes and pack our bags. it is going to be here before we know it. Here is the most recent belly picture we have taken. it is 36 weeks and 2 days. enjoy!

Brooklyn's Room

Brooklyn's room is FINALLY done! It looks so good. I can not believe that in a few weeks we will have a tiny little baby girl in there. We have worked very hard to make it just perfect for her.

Breech Brooklyn

I went in for my "last sono" appointment to measure everything and make sure she was on track. The first thing he told me was well.. looks like we have a breech baby. he said I had plenty of time for her to flip he was not worried about it. we made my next four week appointment (32 weeks) and she was still breech. He told me in two weeks we were going to do another sono to see if she is breech or not. If she is still breech we need to try to move her by week 37. I had read in my book how they move the baby and it did not look fun. The Dr actually puts his hands on your belly and turns her manually... they do this procedure in the labor and delivery just in case the baby's heartbeat drops or u lose amonic fluid they will do a c section that day. The thought of being in labor and delivery that early was kinda scary to me. I was in between letting him try to turn her or just requesting a c section anyway. We will find out in two weeks if she is in fact still breech and what we will need to do....

Staring Brooklyn Renee in 3D/4D

today was amazing! We got to go see Brooklyn in 3D/4D. it was so cool to be able to see her face and not just see a profile. She definitely has a personality. The tech would push on her to get her to move and she would just give the meanest face like "I am comfortable don't touch me". it was very entertaining. She would not move her hands from her face so the few pictures we did get we also have HANDS! she was frank breech at the appointment which means not only does she have her hands by her head she also has her feet flipped up by her head.. does not seem very comfortable to me but she must like it. The tech says she looks like Justin.. we really cant tell who she looks like we just know she has some chubby cheeks. We cant wait for her to get her so we can see her in person and love all over her and her chubby little cheeks!

more closet room!!

Our rooms are a little small in our house and so are the closets... I have always heard that babies come with a a lot of stuff but my lanta Brooklyn has a A LOT of stuff! We did not have enough room in her closet for hardly anything. Justin and his father made shelves to put in her closet and the turned out amazing! It was not that hard to make either... ( I don't think) :) I got to help a little I was a tad bit scared of the staple gun at first but.... i got over it after it was so late i was ready to go home! After they were built we had to sand them down and paint them of course that was my job. We hung them in her closet after they were dry and they are the best thing I could ever ask for. they are also VERY full of baby gear! Thanks papa for helping we would have never figured it out without your help!

Friday, March 4, 2011

We have Chair Rail..... AND crown molding!!!!!

James made a surprize showing at the witte house saturday "just to stop by" we looked at the baby room and talked about what we were going to do next (Chair Rail) and when we were going to do it.... (prob in a year) HAHA. James and Justin took some measures and hung out for a while. we decided that next weekend would prob be the best time to do the chair rail since we already had plans for saturday. Justin ended up calling his dad to tell him that his phone was not working right to see what was going on. Well I told justin to remind him that next weekend we were doing chair rail.. James had no plan on waiting till next weekend. he said NEXT saturday?! I am going to home depot and then I will be at your house at 9 am! I was super excited that the chair rail was going to be done!! Well sunday rolls around and james is at my door at 9:11 am. of course justin is still in bed, He gets up and helps his dad unload and get everything ready. They start cutting and nailing the chair rail to the wall.. It made such a difference!!
After looking at the room I said to justin.. I think crown molding would look good in here.. lets go get some! Justins responce was.. My dad already got it! I was shocked! I could not wait to see what the room would look like with crown molding. It took a while to figure out to cut the molding ( it being both their first time to put up crown) but once they figured it out and james went back to shop to get a new saw it looked perfect! We were very pleased with the way the room turned out! Thanks pawpaw for all your help! Here is a pic of the crown molding still needs to be painted it is just primed but you can still get the picture!

Here is a picture after it has been painted and everything looks great! Now the next project is new lighting and closet shelfs!

Starting on the room!

Well once we got the crib all put together the next thing was the bedding! Justin and I went to babies r us and looked for a bedding that we liked and that we could do the room in pink and brown. We found a few that were cute and one that was really cute! Debbie (Nanny) picked me up one night and we went to Babies R Us to buy the bedding. well once we got there we opened the bedding that justin and I liked and it wasnt really that cute. :( WE found another one that was perfect. Still had pink and brown and had some "pops" as nanny and I called it. ONce we got the bedding we could go to lowes and pick out the colors to match the bedding! MAN let me tell you that Justin and I sure do have different ideas.. We left with just a pink. Once we got home shawndra asked if we got everything we needed? I told her the story and we went back to Lowes to get the brown while we left Justin home to tape the room off.. :) When we got back we started to paint... first we did the pink
We decided after it took us around a hour and a half to do the pink that we needed to break and het some dinner... notice it is DARK outside.. When we returned from dinner we started on the brown and were finished in no time..

Now we just need the Chair Rail....

Thursday, March 3, 2011

We have a crib!!!

YEAH! we have a crib!! We went to two different Babies R Us to get a crib. The one we originally wanted was in hurst and in stock!! so we went to hurst to get it and saw another one we liked more. however that one had to be ordered so we drove back to the arlington store to order here so we would only have to drive to arlington instead of hurst when the crib came in. well.... we got to looking around and found the one we bought ... and IN STOCK! We brought the crib home and I had justin put it together! We opened the box and saw how many pieces the crib had... justin just wanted to die. He did a great job and did not even put it together upside down or backwards! Here are a few pictures of him putting the crib together and the finished project!! Thanks Pops and Gran for the Crib Baby Witte will love it!Justin trying to decide if he wants to do this...thats a LOT of pieces...
all the pieces are out....working, working, working... looking good!

ALMOST finished!!
YEAH! Thanks daddy for all your work!

Gender Reveal Party 2/12/2011

We had a blast at the party! I ws so thankful that everyone could make it. Shawndra and I did LOTS of "arts and crafts" as justin called it. to get ready for the party. Although we are not the most creative.. with a little help from the web we made it! We had pink and blue everything and "its a boy" "its a girl" logo around the house. We played a few games to make the time pass and candy won a gift card to chilis and austin, my dad, and amber won the lotto ( so they had to share the pot)Everyone was trying so hard to trick us into telling them the sex before the reveal but we made it to the big surprize! We (shawndra) injected all the cupcakes with green frosting except two with the real color. everyone was in such a hurry to find out what the baby was that we did not want someone cheating. We gave the two cupcakes to kaitlyn and austin to reveal that baby witte is a GIRL! Everyone was so happy that we finally got a baby girl! Here a few pictures I was kinda busy so I really only got a few. hope u enjoy!!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

17 Weeks and still growing!!

Well since the last time I logged in LOTS have changed. During my 11 week appointment Dr Daum did a sono and said I still had some bleeding but it had looked like was going to absorb itself. I have had no bleeding since my 9 week appointment!! Dr. Daum also talked to me about doing my quad screen and basically just explained why and what they tested for. When I went to check out they scheduled me for FOUR WEEKS! this was the first four week appointment I have had since I became pregnant. I was VERY excited that I was back on the normal pregnant woman schedule. My last appointment I was 15 weeks and this is first appointment where we did not do a sono. He listened to the baby's heartbeat on the Doppler which was very cool to hear.. He said it was in "Girl Range" Not getting my hopes up because they could always be wrong. He told me to go do my lab work for my Quad Screen and they would let me know the results. A few days went by and finally they call. It was Dr Daum himself. It caught me off guard because the nurse normally calls. Dr Daum told me that the normal percent for a 26 yr old for down syndrome was 1 to 970. Mine came back 1 to 226. This freaked me out. He told me not to worry that sometimes the test are wrong. He sent Justin and I to a specialist to have a high tech sono done to check for soft spots found in down syndrome babies. We had our appointment February 3rd and go figure if the snow did not cancel the appointment. We rescheduled our appointment for the following Monday. The sonographer did the sono and said she would tell us the sex if she could tell. We were very excited to find out early since we were not at a fun appointment anyway. Turns out baby witte is just perfect! no soft spots or signs of down syndrome!! However baby witte is VERY active and was not wanting to show his/her parts to anyone! The Dr said baby is sitting on their feet and the cord is between their legs.. I now have an appointment with an imaging place THIS FRIDAY to find out the sex!! She told me that I will not get off the table without knowing! We are having a Gender Reveal Party the next day to let our family know what the sex of baby witte is. We are so very excited to find out the sex of baby witte! Mommy and Daddy have LOTS of work to do in your room! I will let everyone know what the sex is Saturday night.... stay posted!! :)